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Binomo vs Olymp Trade

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Binomo vs Olymp Trade

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Choosing what broker to work through is a crucial decision. Both Olymp Trade and Binomo are well-known brands, but how do they compare? For this in-depth review, we have looked at their trading conditions, accounts, and services to help you pick the right intermediary.

Binomo vs Olymp Trade

You can open a demo account with both brokers to compare their platforms.

Comparison of Forex Brokers

Both brokers were established in 2014, and they have been praised by users and experts. Today, the range of markets, conditions, and software are fairly similar. Both companies offer free and unlimited demo trading, tiered account systems, and low deposit thresholds. Here is a closer look at the core services and add-ons of Binomo vs Olymp Trade.

Minimum Deposit and Trade Size

In this regard, the services are identical. You may fund your account with either company for as little as $10. Please note that the minimum deposit threshold for Binomo may be lower depending on your location.

So, how much can you trade at once? Both providers have very democratic conditions. They make live forex accessible to users with any budget. Your trade may be as small as $1 on either trading platform.

Binomo platform

Formats and Payouts

The payout rate depends on the type of account. It is true for both companies. With Binomo, the breakdown is the following:

  • Standard: up to 84%
  • Gold: up to 86%
  • VIP: up to 90%

Binomo has only one trading format — High/Low. It means that upon execution, your trade must be lower or higher than its initial value. The competitor also provides this system (Olymp Trade calls it the Time format). Additionally, the company offers the alternative Classic format. The user picks a strike price going downwards or upwards. The payout rates are the following:

Olymp Trade platform

Types of Accounts

Binomo has more variety when it comes to accounts. There are basic, intermediate, and advanced options. For instance, unlike Standard, the Gold account includes add-ons: an account manager and investment insurance. For VIP clients, withdrawals are the quickest — processed in 4 hours. Other differences cover the range of accessible markets, the payout rate, and the minimum deposit size:

Clients of Olymp Trade have just two options — standard (Regular) and advanced (VIP). Holders may trade live up to $2,000 and $5,000, respectively. VIP members also get assistance from a consultant, personalized training, private educational resources, and strategies. The lowest acceptable deposit is:

  • $10 for Regular;
  • $2,000 for VIP.

Demo Account

Both brokers allow their clients to practice free of charge, even before they make a minimum deposit. Users unlock the software using a demo account. Olymp Trade gives every newbie a hefty virtual deposit — $10,000, so they can test strategies and learn at no cost.

The demo account from Binomo is similar, but the size of the free deposit is $1,000. It is the only difference, as the system is also fully functional. You may explore all the features of the trading platform. For beginners, this opportunity is invaluable, which is why all trusted brokers provide it.

Binomo platform web

Trading Platform Comparison

Clients of both brokers may work using desktop or mobile devices; this allows them to switch between systems during the day. All popular OS (Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac) are supported. The interface is user-friendly and suitable for any skill level.

Binomo has faster trades, as the shortest time is only 30 seconds. For the rival, it takes longer — 1 minute. At the same time, there is little difference in terms of markets. Olymp Trade only adds ETFs and OTCs to the mix. With either company, you will access the following instruments:

  • Major, Minor, and Exotic currency pairs;
  • stocks of the largest corporations;
  • energy commodities;
  • market indices;
  • cryptocurrencies;


As you can see from our Binomo vs Olymp Trade review, these forex brokers are akin. They offer a similar market range and user-friendly platforms for all devices. A crucial advantage of both is the demo account.

Either company will connect you to the live market once you deposit $10, and the lowest volume is $1 per trade. In terms of payout, the High/Low system is identical. Olymp Trade pays more for the Classic format (non-existent on Binomo). On the other hand, Binomo has a faster trade speed of 30 seconds.

There are basic and advanced accounts, but Binomo has an additional intermediate option (Gold). Standard accounts unlock core services, while add-ons (e.g., help from a personal assistant) require an upgrade. To get the most comprehensive package from Olymp Trade, you need to deposit $2,000 — twice as much as for Binomo VIP. Generally, traders who want to work with large volumes need top-tier services from either broker.

You can leave your feedback about both platforms in the comments below.

Olymp Trade or Binomo: Which Trading Platform is better?

Any person who has been trading forex for a while is probably is conversant with Olymp Trade. It is a recommendable online trading platform if you wish to make money on fixed time trades. However, do you know that there is yet another broker, Binomo?

In this review, we wish to bring an in-depth comparison between Binomo and Olymp Trade. By the end of the article, you will be in a position to understand the difference between them. Moreover, you can also decide on which is best among the two platforms. But let’s begin by understanding each of them.



Binomo runs under Tiburon Corporation Limited and has its headquarters in Seychelles. It is a binary options broker and began its operations in 2014. Its mission is to assist binary options traders in accessing progressive trading services.

Saying that Olymp Trade is a direct competitor of Binomo is not far from the truth. Binomo operates through the regulations of the International Financial Markets Relations Regulations Centre. It is a non-commercial establishment whose formation aimed to help manage services offered by agents, exchange, and other monetary and investment institutions. That is without defined provisions and no requisite responsibilities among stakeholders. Therefore, Binomo fails to ensure its customers’ rights and ability to come up with dispute resolutions.

Olymp Trade India

Olymp Trade India

Olymp Trade India is a top-notch IT product that online traders use for international online trading. The website belongs and runs under Inlustris Ltd. The company holds Registration Number: 25161 IBC 2018. Additionally, it has a certification from the International Financial Commission (FinaCom) as a member of Category A.

Similar to the Binomo Platform, Olymp Trade Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 has been in operation since 2014. Through the years, it has been active in incorporating more user-friendly elements to its platform. For example, it is possible to contact the customer support team any time and day of the week. That was not the case before.

In 2016, Olymp Trade got an official certification from the International Financial Commission (FinaCom). Through the organization, customers have an assurance of their rights. Besides, it leads when it comes to dispute resolution.

If you happen to have any problem with Olymp Trade, you don’t have to contact their support staff. You can directly Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 reach FinaCom. It is a clear indicator that Olymp Trade commits to ensuring transparency in the market.

Comparison of the minimum deposit and trade size

Binomo sets its minimum deposit at $10. It can differ from country to country. Olymp Trade has its minimum deposit at $10 too.

When it comes to the minimum trade size, Binomo won’t accept anything below a dollar per trade. Olymp Trade has a similar rule $1 at minimum per trade.

The trading formats and size of payouts

There are two ways through which you can trade at Olymp Trade. That is through classic or timed trades. You chose a strike price in a classic trading format and decide if it is a buy or sells. The time frame ranges between 1-5 minutes. At that, you have the opportunity to bag 100 percent of the winnings.

On the other hand, time trades involve the use of the High/Low format. It comes with a payout rate of up to 92 percent. For you to win, the closing price needs to be either higher or lower than the asset value when beginning the trade.

Binomo runs a High/Low trading format. The final market price compares to the opening price. The type of trading account determines the payout. For example, in Olymp Trade, standard accounts get up to 84 percent payout rate, Gold accounts earn 86 percent while VIP traders pocket up to 90%.

Types of trading accounts

After registering at Binomo, expect the following account options.


The minimum deposit is $10

The minimum deposit is $500. You can access several assets, personal account manager, priority withdrawals, and an 86 percent payout rate.

VIP account

With VIP accounts, you can access more than 49 markets. Besides, the withdrawals are speedy, taking a processing time of around four hours. Besides, there is a whopping payout rate of 90 percent.

There are three types of accounts at Olymp Trade.

Stater account status

It comes with a $10 minimum deposit and a $2000 maximum deposit.

Advanced account status

Activation requires a minimum deposit of $500.

VIP/Expert Account Status

You activate the account with a minimum of $2000 on deposit. The payout rate is lucrative at 92%, whereas the trade size is $5000 at a higher limit.

Moreover, you can access personalized trading training, personal trade consultants, customized trading strategies, and private webinars.


The two platforms are accessible on any device. Both provide a desktop version and mobile app. Therefore, you can trade at Olymp Trade and Binomo regardless of where you are.

Available markets

There are some common financial markets that both Binomo and Olymp Trade shares.

Assets available at Binomo includes

  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies

Olymp Trade has the following assets

Trading time-frames

Binomo offers quick trading times Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 of 30 seconds. It means that you can make money in less than 30 seconds. Consequently, you can lose your cash within the time too. That is the reason why beginners shouldn’t go for short times. It is possible to blow an account in a blink. Olymp Trade has a Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 quick trade time of one minute. The maximum depends on you.

Quality of customer service

When you have issues, you have to either make direct calls or use Gmail to contact customer support. You may experience some delays in receiving a response.

Olymp Trade receives praise for its high-quality service. The system has several languages and over 20 support groups. You can reach their support technicians who respond fast and are available 24/7.

Training strategy

Olymp Trade offers free trading lessons from qualified experts. It is an attractive strength in the platform as the courses are critical, teaching on how to Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 carry out market analysis and get trading signals from analytical experts.

Binomo also provides video and lesson options. However, they integrate the videos into the website. You have to be a senior member to get the chance to learn.


You can try either Binomo or Olymp Trade if you are Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 looking for a straightforward trading platform. Besides, the two have a reduced entry hindrance to a manageable level by providing lower trading size and deposit amount. They have different account types, thus suitable if you wish to invest large amounts of money. Each has exceptional features and minimum trading size and deposit.

Between Olymp Trade And Binomo, Which Broker Is Better?

A very difficult question for those who are new to Fixed Time Trade is choosing brokers. Deciding what to spend on is always something you need to consider carefully before doing. In today’s article, How To Trade will give you a detailed comparison between Binomo and Olymp Trade platforms. This is to help you find a suitable broker to invest in this financial field.

A quick overview of Binomo and Olymp Trade platforms

These are the two big brokers in the fixed-time trading market. Binomo is famous for its strong advertising campaigns and strong IB team. And Olymp Trade is well-known for being professional with a modern interface converging many experienced traders. In previous articles, we have reviewed in detail these 2 platforms. You can review them all here.

A detailed comparison between Olymp Trade and Binomo platforms

In this section, I will compare the 4 main criteria for these 2 platforms, respectively as follows: reputation level, popularity, traffic, and deposit and withdrawal feature. These are all criteria you need to consider carefully when selecting a broker for trading. The conclusion will be made at the end of the article. Stay tuned!

Reputation level of a trading platform

Regarding this, Binomo does not differ from Olymp Trade. Both are members of Finacom (Financial Commission) and are listed in the category A Brokers of this trusted organization.

Compare the reputation level of Olymp Trade and Binomo

The reward is up to 20,000 Euros if you find any proofs proving that the two platforms are cheating. You can be completely assured of the transparency of these two platforms.

So regarding this criterion, two brokers are equal.

The popularity of Olymp Trade and Binomo

To find out, I use Google Trends to check. You can see the details here: Google Trends

In terms of popularity level over time worldwide, these two are quite similar.

Popularity level over time of Olymp Trade and Binomo according to Google Trends

More specifically, you can compare them within the thriving countries of Fixed Time Trade such as Vietnam, Russia, or India, etc.

Popularity level over time of Olymp Trade and Binomo in India

About popularity by region or country, Olymp Trade is known more and gets more attention than Binomo.

Popularity by region or country of the 2 platforms

So regarding this 2nd criterion, Olymp Trade is slightly better.

Online rankings and traffic by territories.

Regarding this, I use Amazon’s Alexa tools to check. The results show that Olymp Trade far surpasses Binomo in terms of global rankings.

Specifically, Olymp Trade ranks 1269 globally after 90 days.

Olymp Trade rankings and traffic according to Alexa

As for Binomo, the ranking is 7587.

Binomo rankings and traffic according to Alexa

India is the country with the largest amount of traffic, accounting for nearly one-third of global traffic for both platforms.

So with this criterion, Olymp Trade dominates completely.

Deposit and withdrawal services

Why am I putting this criterion for comparison? Do you want to use a platform that takes long to deposit and withdraw? This is a very important criterion and directly affects the traders’ rating for a platform.

Currently, the trader team of How to trade is trading at both platforms. According to our assessment, both are very good at depositing and withdrawing money. For Olymp Trade, deposit and withdrawal are quick with many popular payment gateways. And Binomo is professional for enthusiastic support.

So with this criterion, two platforms do not differ.

One last word

From the 4 criteria above, you can see that Binomo and Olymp Trade are both safe and transparent brokers. You can completely consider investing. Olymp Trade is slightly better but not too significant.

This is the conclusion I make based on the findings and experiences of our own traders. We absolutely do not intend to “defame” or encourage to invest in any platform. Please leave any comments or arguments about Binomo and Olymp Trade. We will discuss it together. Love.

Olymp Trade USA

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ExpertOption App


This post is also available in: Indonesia Português العربية

Olymp Trade is an international broker and online trading platform. This is an actively developing financial company that has been operating since 2014. The broker works with clients from many countries but why does Olymp Trade not work with clients from the USA? The page Olymp Trade USA will help you understand Let’s get this straight…

Just need to clarify, us residents can register on the Olymp Trade platform using the VPN. Also, you can trade on a demo account through the IP change, but when you top up your balance, you may have problems, you will not be able to make a Deposit or the payment will be Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 blocked. If you still manage to make a Deposit, then you will be declassified during account verification and document verification.

According to Google queries, the broker OlympTrade is known in the United States and traders are interested in the possibility of registering on the platform. Despite the fact that the broker works with many countries, there is a list of countries that the broker does not work with. Here is a list of countries: Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Europe (all countries), Israel.

There are also countries with which the broker can work, such as Singapore or Indonesia, where traders can Deposit, trade, and withdraw profits. But the authorities of this country constantly block access to the main domain of the broker and for trading, you have to use the mirror of the main site or an application for trading.

Olymp Trade banned in USA

Olymp Trade for U.S. residents

So why is it so difficult for US residents to register on the platform or trade from it? It’s all about regulation….there are special requirements for brokers who want to work with traders from this country. There are many of them, but in short, you need to have a special license and many offices in the United States.

The company must also be registered in the United States and as we wrote above Olymp Trade is registered in Seychelles. That’s why it would be illegal to accept clients. That’s the answer. If you want to trade on the Forex market then you need to choose brokers that have local regulations. You can view Forex brokers on this page.

In conclusion, I can tell the residents of the United States that I do not advise you to bypass the system. Olymp Trade security service will block your account sooner or later. All that you have time to earn will be reset to zero.

Is Olymp Trade legal in the US?

Olymp Trade does not officially support or solicit clients from the United States. Many customers come from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Despite this, the company is still reputable. It’s one of the market leaders with headquarters in Seychelles.

How to log in from the USA?

Is there any way to login into Olymp Trade in the US? Yes. The company doesn’t block IPS originating from the US. However, Olymp Trade doesn’t allow US traders to make trades because of legal implications.

Can I use VPN servers or VPS services? No. The platform still blocks such accounts after establishing ownership through an ID check. Check out the comprehensive guide to getting started on the platform.

Why choose Olymp Trade?

The platform has heavily invested in providing a 5-star experience for its users. Some highlights of the service include a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, diverse trading instruments, and an easy-to-use platform.

IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – which one is better?

Do you want to start trading digital options or forex for your future development? Then you have to choose one of the online brokers for that. But getting a reliable trading platform is not easy right now. Because there are many available near you. It’s like a thousand or more. But you can find two major brokers that are leading the industry. They are the well-known IQ Option and Olymp Trade.

IQ Option vs. Olymp - Trading platform

At present these are the most famous digital options brokers in the world. But many people have their own opinion to choose one. Also, they review them with different benefits and ease of use. We will also explain here about them and describe in detail how we can compare IQ Option and Olymp Trade. What do they really offer you? We will explore all these things here thus you can know everything with a short review. So let’s see IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

The main facts of Iq Option and Olymp Trade:

IQ Option growing numbers

With IQ Option, users can trade with more than 500 markets. Also, IQ Option gives you a fabulous educational system online. So that the user who wants to trade with IQ Option can learn about it. Also, newcomers can learn on this platform easily. Not only that. Experienced Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 traders also can use this. They can gather knowledge about the trading system using this educational material. All the resources available there are well and useful for the users.

IQ Option is a licensed authority that is regulated by the famous CySEC. Also, this broker company is available in various countries with their services across the world. But unluckily IQ Options is not open for Canada, the USA, Israel, Japan, and is rare in some other countries.

Main facts about IQ Option:

  • The company is based in Cyprus and St. Vincent and Grenadines
  • Largest broker for digital options
  • Growing account registrations
  • Regulated company
  • Accepts international clients
  • More than 500 markets
  • Small minimum deposit $10
  • High returns on investments
  • Quality and userfriendly platform

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

Olymp Trade overview:

Olymp trade is not much different from IQ Option. They are just like each other for digital options trading. Olymp Trade is based in Cyprus, too and it has a great serving base in Russia and its headquarters is in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This digital options broker calculated that they have more than 25,000 trading people who are trading on their platform daily.

Olymp Trade allows two types of trading accounts on their site. The standard account and the VIP account. A standard account needs a minimum of $10 deposit to start trading. And VIP accounts need a $2,000 minimum deposit with it. But these two accounts proceed with a $10,000 virtually deposited demo account first. The company gives more than 100 assets to trade on the platform. Also, it has large educational elements that the newcomers can utilize for their trading training.

The platform is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and got no real authority from a country regulating the offers. That is why Olymp Trade is not available for European clients. But through our research and tests, the trading platform has the highest security standards.

Main facts about Olymp Trade:

  • Based in Cyprus and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • A regulated company by the IFC
  • Broker for digital options and forex
  • A small minimum deposit of $10
  • Secure trading platform
  • More than 44 million downloads
  • More than 25,000 users every day
  • Growing popularity

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

Regulation of the companies (regulators):

IQ Option is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This shows us a high trust because it is a legit regulatory authority in Europe. In addition, IQ Option is registered in many countries by regulatory authorities which allow the service of the trading platform.

IQ Option is regulated by the CySEC

Olymp Trade is regulated by the International Financial Commission with the highest category A. It is an independent regulator which is checking brokers through different criteria. The regulator is legit too because we know that a lot of trusted brokers got this regulation.

Olymp Trade is regulated by the IFC

But both regulators assure that the activities of the brokers are in accordance with the legal financial laws. The regulators also manage conflicts resulting from the bad use of brokers.

Active traders measurement

More than 25,000 registered traders are using the Olymp Trade with a real-time account from the site. According to their website, nearly 250,000 registered users made real trades on a live account in the month of January 2020. They boast more users on their platform daily. Their monthly turnover exceeded $171 million.

On the other hand, IQ Option processes over 15 million traders with a monthly trading volume exceeding $290 million. So both broker companies dominate the Digital Options and the Forex Market.

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Trading platform comparison

We explained the trading and facility of the digital options brokers above. And you have already known that Olymp Trade is one of the real competitors of IQ Option. Although they are pretty similar, they have some different trading policies and benefits. Now here we will help you to differentiate and choose the better option from them. Here we compare both platforms with every single research in-depth. So that you do not have any confusion even if you are a new trader on this platform.

There are many people who are confused about choosing the best one. But the comparison below helps you a lot to decide the better one before investing in it. Let’s go to the comparison with the side-by-side in-depth research comparison.

IQ Option trading platform screenshot

Olymp Trade platform screenshot


Users and traders can access both platforms using different Web applications. They are accessible via different desktop apps (Windows and macOS) as well as Mobile apps (Android and iOS) anytime. Also, Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 Olymp Trade is offering the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 for forex trading.

IQ Option trading indicators for charting and analysis

That does not mean you can not trade successfully with Olymp Trade, both platforms are offering the right tools for investments.

Charting tools:

  • Indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Chart types
  • Multi charting
  • Templates
  • Customizable platforms

Return on investments (options):

Depending on the financial instruments or assets, Olymp Trade allows returns varying from 70% to 92%. Also, it depends on the account type and volatility of the account. IQ Option returns of investments range from 75% to 100%. Here the account type and volatility also counted. All in all, you can earn more money with IQ Option because of the higher yield. Another important difference is that you can earn a 100% yield without a VIP account on IQ Option. For earning 92% you will need the Olymp Trade VIP account.

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

Types of accounts they are offering

There are different types of accounts that are offered. Olymp Trade offers 3 different account types and IQ Option offers 2 different account types. The account status is depending on the deposit and trading volume.

For standard accounts, the user has to deposit the minimum amount of $10 on the account to open this on both brokers. On the other side, VIP accounts need a deposit of $2,000 on the account first with Olymp Trade and $3,000 with IQ Option. The Vip account gives some extra benefits for the account holder. It included higher returns options and a personal consultant policy initially. The VIP account covers the risk-free trades on the Olymp Trade platform.

IQ Option VIP account included faster withdrawals, a personal account manager, and free trading ebooks facility. Both IQ Option and Olymp Trade allow a demo account on their platform. This account accumulates $ 10,000 in virtual cash.

Assets and markets of IQ Option

The active assets are depending on the time and stock exchange opening. IQ Option offers far more options to trade. You can invest in more markets than with Olymp Trade. IQ Option clearly wins in this comparison.

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

Accepted payment methods

At present Olymp Trade receives only 9 payment methods. Including Visa/master cards, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney they accept debit/credit cards and some other eWallets payment systems.

But IQ Option accepts more than 20 various payment methods for secure deposits and withdrawals. IQ Option accepts all the methods that Olymp Trade accepts.

payment methods

We can not list all payment methods here because the payment method can be depending on your country of residence. For example, European clients can use PayPal with IQ Option. In conclusion, IQ Option also wins this comparison because the broker is offering more payment methods.

Deposit and withdrawals

Olymp Trade and IQ Option both are fast and easy process platforms for traders. If you are trading with a credit/debit (bank) card or e-wallet, they will prepare the deposit, especially in certain minutes. Olymp Trade allows its traders a deposit bonus also. The user can decline the bonus during the process of deposit. The least deposit amount for the account is $10.

The account you just used to create a deposit can be withdrawn. Both platforms (Olymp Trade and IQ Option) will not require any withdrawal charges or fees. Also, the minimum withdrawal balance is $10 for an account.

Within 24 hours to 5 business days, all withdrawals are prepared. But for both trading platforms, the VIP account owners will experience quicker withdrawal processing.

FEES:No feesNo fees
DURATION:24 hours on Binomo와 Olymp Trade 비교 working days1 – 2 days

(Risk warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.)

Review of the support

Olymp Trade and IQ Option both have a user-friendly and expert support team. They are very professional and knowledgeable about your trading on this platform. If any support the trader or anyone needs they can be easily communicated via chat, phone call, or email. At present they are also available to contact via different social media platforms like Facebook.

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